Advanced session

The Gold Session is fantastic for couples celebrating big changes! Whether that's moving into your first house or apartment, getting engaged, or having a baby. There are so many things to celebrate but some just want an all encompassing photo session just because and that's great!

  • 2 Hour Session

  • Personalized Online Gallery

  • 5x7 Gift-Box of Final Images

  • 16x24 Bamboo Mounted Print

  • Premium Custom Photobook

  • 30% off all Printed Products

Standard session

This session is perfect for a couple wishing to capture the love and trust they share. Great for couples hitting milestones and those just wanting some amazing couples photos.

  • 1 Hour Photo Session

  • Personalized Online Gallery

  • 4x6 Gift-Box of Final Images

  • 11x14 Bamboo Mounted Print

  • 20% off all Printed Products

mini session

This is the short and sweet couples session. Just the bare essentials for a casual photo session of you and your spouse, partner, or soul mate!

  • 20 Minute Photo Session

  • Personalized Online Gallery

  • 10% off all printed Products

Getting Ready for The session

These sessions can be as laid back or as dressed up as you want them to be. That being said the preparation for the session is completely up to you, I do have suggestions. If outfit changes for your session are available remember to bring them, there isn't a refund for forgotten clothes. Be sure to dress for the weather, don't wear a sweater in hot weather and don't wear a sleeveless dress in the winter. Uncomfortable models don't make for good images. You can wear anything from casual to dress to horse show attire. I will say that the camera catches everything, so if you're dressing up I recommend painting your nails a color that'll compliment your look! Bringing touch up makeup isn't a bad idea either.

Weather issues

If there's an issue with weather I'd be more than happy to reschedule if there's any precipitation in the forecast for the time slot you're scheduled for. If it's bright and sunny or overcast they're both great for photos! 


There is a 50% retainer due with the signed contract in order to reserve your session. The rest of the balance is due the day of the session. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, PayPal, or Venmo.

photo turn around

After the session you may see some previews on social media such as Facebook and Instagram while I'm going through the editing process. In 1-2 weeks you'll see some of my favorite images on my blog. A few days later you'll see all of your images on your very own personalized online gallery where you can order your prints. A week or so after that you'll receive the prints in the mail and the digital files for Social Media will me emailed to you!

Sharing on social media

You can post the photos wherever you'd like. Credit to Sophia Lewis Photography is appreciated when sharing images. These photos are yours!